Honey Badger VS Cobra Longsword Workshop

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Miro Lahtela and Mikko Lehto will be teaching longsword workshops on sunday the 15th of January. They will each teach one 90-minute workshop and one 60-minute workshop together.

planning (can still change)

10.00-11.30 Workshop Mikko / Cobra
11.45-13.15 Workshop Miro / Honeybadger
14.00-15.00 Workshop

The way of the Cobra

The Cobra is fast, strong and has lightning reflexes. When attacking, the Cobra uses its speed and timing to take the “vor” and hit the opponent before they even realize it. Sacrificing contingecy plans and “what if” scenarios the cobra leaves out all unnecessary thinking and movements and makes sure the attack hits. However, this leaves the Cobra vulnerable to a cunning Honeybadger who can see the attack coming and use it to their advantage.

This workshop focuses on how to improve your “closed circuit” method of attacking and feinting. How to find the optimal distance and timing to steal the “vor” and then how to eliminate unnecessary movements and tells to make sure that “vor” does not go to waste.

The way of the Honeybadger

The Honeybadger is persistent, cunning and aggressive. When attacking, it uses its cunning to always plan one step forward to maintain “vor” and keep the opponent guessing what is happening until they are hit. Sacrificing maximum speed and commitment the Honeybadger makes sure there is always one more card up their sleeve just in case something happens. However, this leaves the Honeybadger vulnerable to a determined Cobra who can see the tiniest hesitation and use it to their advantage.

This workshop focuses on how to improve your “open eyes” method of attacking, feinting and defending. How to keep the momentum of the fight so that you can maintain “vor” and keep your opponent quessing what you are going to do next.

Honeybadger vs. Cobra.

The duels between the Honeybadger and the Cobra are one of natures most iconic duels, with both sides using their strengts to overcome the opponent. But which one wins? Which one do you want to be? The magnificent Cobra or the unstoppable Honeybadger? The answer is that they are two sides of the same coin. The optimal solution being that you are both and neither at the same time. Attacking without hesitation and unnecessary thinking but always being aware of the situation.

This workshop focuses on how to combine the “closed circuit” and “open eyes” attack methods to remove their weaknesses. Which one to use at different times and distances and how to change the method according to your opponent.

Minimum gear: Longsword & Full upper body.

(Mask, back of the head, throat protector, fencing jacket, elbow protection, medium to heavy gloves)

optional gear: lower body gear, chest plate, forearm protection, knee protection, shin protection, fencing pants.

registration will open soon!