Goede Doelen toernooi 2019


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Fighting for a Good Cause.

Saturday 7th of December

After the enormous succes of last year the HVN will organize another charity Tournament. The set up stays the same, the fighters, sponsors and other gifts make up a total amount that will be given to a charity. Which charity this is will be choosen by the winner of the tournament. So everybody is fighting for the good cause! Besides the tournament there will also be plenty of free space available for free sparring, this way you make the most of your day.

The tournament:

The most important aspect of this tournament is the atmosphere. It is a friendly tournament to raise money for a charity together as H.E.M.A. scene. That is why fighters will also help judging or at the score table. Honesty and sportsmanship will be encouraged just like showing hits scored upon yourself.

The tournament will be fought with Single sticks. The set up for the tournament is like a standard tournament with pool rounds and elimination rounds.

Depending on the amount of participants we will have pooles of 4 or 5 fighters. The idea is that fighters in pool B Judge the fights in pool A and vice versa.

We will have dedicated referees.


This year we have T-shirts again. For €15,- you get the “Ik vecht voor het goede doel” sport shirt. All profit goes to the charity of course! If yo want to buy a shirt but you can’t make it to the event, there are several options.

  • have someone else pick it up at the event for you
  • pick it up at one of the HVN trainings
  • have it send to you (this will come with extra costs, depending on where it has to be send to)

If you want to combine your shipment with other people (to send it to a club or other event) please let us know by contacting the HVN.

This year we will also have “Ik vecht voor het goede doel” sport water bottles. Of course all the profits go to the charity as well.


Minimum gear:

  • Fencing mask with back of the head protection
  • Gloves (also “lighter” gloves are allowed, plain leather gloves are not)
  • Cup for men
  • Knee protection
  • Elbow protection
  • Indoor shoes that don’t leave marks.

Possible extra gear, not mandatory:

  • Light jacket, hoody OR fencing chest protector
  • Seperate sleeve
  • Forarm protection
  • Shinprotection
  • Neckprotection
  • Cup for women


  • Cuts only. Thrusts are forbidden.
  • Target areas: Everything except the weaponhand, crotch, back of the head, back of the knee and the foot.
  • Points: 3 points for the head and torso, 2 point for everything else
  • After an exchange the referee will announce the difference in points. There are no seperate rules for double hits or afterblows. When both fighters hit each other on the head they get 0 points (3-3=0). If one of the fighters hits the arm and the other fighter hits the head, than the fighter who hit the head will get 1 point (3-2=1). It is up to the fighters themselves to keep the fight clean.
  • Duration of the fight: 3 minutes of 11 points.
  • Forbidden techniques: thrusts, throws, kicks, punches. The “offhand” may not be used at all!
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Be sportsmanlike!



  • For participation, each fighter pays the minimum of €15,-. You can of course always give more.
  • The minimum age is 16+. (We can make an acception in consultation with the coach/trainer)
  • Fill in the form below. You will recieve an conformation email.


Of course we need volunteers ot run the event. We need help with for example the adminisration at the start of the event, we need help at the tables and we need help to set up the event/clean up the event. You can register as a volunteer on the form and donate something if you want.

Free Sparring:

When you are not fighting or judging there is plenty of space (2 halls if necessary) for free sparring. Bring your own gear for this.

Do you want to come over without joining the tournament just to free spar? Of course you’re welcome! We do ask for the €15 fee which goes to the charity.


Everybody is more than welcome to come over and watch, we do expect a small donation for the good cause.

So bring your family and/or friends along to show them what H.E.M.A. is! For spectators we charge €5,- which will of course go to the charity

Where and What time:

The tournament will be held in the Apollohal, the sportshall of the Rijnlands Lyceum in Oegstgeest. We use the back entrance which is at the Homeruslaan.

The doors will open at 9.00 in the morning and check in for fighters ends at 10.15 doors will close at 17.00. The tournament itself will start around 10.30 make sure you are on time!

so, an overview of the costs:

Fighter (tournament/free sparring): minimum €15,-
Visitors: minimum €5,-
(Event shirt: €15,-) no longer possible
(Event bottle: €10,-) no longer possible

Any questions? either contact us through facebook or email (info@historischvrijvechten.nl)